10 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook.

Facebook is a great platform to share your opinion. Because of this advantage, most of the people like to share their ideas and knowledge on Facebook. Most of the people spend lots of their time on Facebook. As like there are so many advantages of Facebook, there are some disadvantages as well.

Are you also spending lots of time on Facebook? If you like to spend your time on Facebook, you must know what kind of content you are posting on Facebook. Due to your information on your social sites, possibilities that someone will hack your account, and the result of this you will be in big trouble.

Facebook is meant to connecting with people whom you know in reality in a much better way. Nowadays people use Facebook to connect with the stranger. It is a great thing for making new friends on social media only if they are good people. If they are bad people then you have to suffer lots of difficulties. So doing any activities on social media think twice.

Here are some things that you should never post on Facebook or any social media:

1. Your current location:

You should avoid sharing your current location on social media. This is not a bad thing sharing your location on social media but the thing is someone will track you through this and the possibilities are you might find in big trouble. It is ok to share your happy time on Facebook, but while sharing your personal things on Facebook you should aware of some scams.

2. Your Full Birthdate:

Sharing your birth date on Facebook may provide a piece of important information to the scammers to find out your identity.
keep in mind, don’t post your birth date on Facebook, there may be a lot of people who have an eye on you.

3. Your personal Phone Number and Home Adress:

Again you never know who has an eye on you. Don’t post your Home address and phone numbers on Facebook, unless your Facebook profile is a very narrow one with few trustworthy people. If you want to add your phone number and home address on Facebook. Add it, just remember to change the setting from Public/Friends to Only Me for security. Be safe from your site.

4. Adult Content:

We know that the internet is a public place. where you can share your ideas. Use Facebook for your goods. Don’t post any kinds of content that do not match with the Facebook policies or seeing this post people feel ashamed.

5. False or Untrue Statements about someone:

Don’t use any social media as a tool for revenge. Posting some bad things on Facebook or any social media you are hurting that person. If you are hurting someone and due to this activity someone will get depressed or did something wrong. You will not only feel guilty for the whole life but might also be charged under the law, for it. Don’t do these kinds of things.

These are the things you should never post on Facebook.

How to Delete Notifications on Facebook.

If you liked lots of pages on Facebook or joined so many Facebook groups or you have lots of friends and they like to talk to you on Facebook, or any friend tags you on their post that time you will get lots of notifications. Facebook send you the notification via Email, text for almost every possible interaction on its website. Due to the lots of notification, you might feel irritated. So you must have to know how to delete unwanted notification on your account.
Knowing how to delete unnecessary notification on facebook will clean up your Facebook account.

Know how to delete your Facebook notification:

1. Log into your Facebook account.

2. Then, click on the bell icon in the top right-hand of your home page.

3. After that, you will see all notification, Click on that notification you want to delete. After clicking that notification, you will see the Three Dots. click on that three notification.

4.  Then Select the “Hide this notification”, which basically deleted your notifications. If you want, you can undo your notifications.

If you don’t want to delete some notification you can mark it as a read.

There are some additional options which are:

Turn off all notification:
In this option, you can turn off all notifications.

Turn off all notification from the specific page:
From here, you can turn off all notifications from the specific page, after that you will not able to receive any notification from that facebook page.

 How to stop Unnecessary Notifications.

If you don’t want any notification from any specific page or friends, you can stop that notification from doing some settings. So every time you don’t want to delete that notification. It will save your time as well.
Following are the steps to stop the unnecessary notification.

1. Log into your Facebook account.

2. Select Setting from your dropdown menu which is shown on your homepage at the right-hand-side.

3. Then Click on “Notifications” from your setting menu.

4. Next, There are four options in the Notification Settings which are:

– On Facebook:  This includes all types of notification you received via the bell icon on Facebook. That will include the notification like:  on the groups, the page you manage, your message notification, etc.

– Email: This includes email messages you receive for account related notifications.

– Desktop and mobile: Here you received all kind of mobile and desktop notification.

– Text Messages: This includes the notification through the SMS.

5. Then, Click on “Edit” button and change the setting as you want.

If you want to turn off all the notification, Use the drop-down menus to the right of each notification setting to turn it off.

These are the all possible ways to stop or delete the unnecessary/unwanted notifications.

How To Hide Your Online Facebook Status.

We spend lots of our time on Facebook.  Now Facebook is a part of our life. We share our activities on Facebook, We chat on Facebook. We made lots of friends on facebook, but some of them make us so irritated. Without blocking that person you can hide your online status from them.  Also, you can turn off your Facebook chat tabs.
So Here are the steps to Turn Off your Facebook Chat:

Turn off your Facebook Chat Tabs:

If someone is disturbing you or if you don’t want to disturb anyone, you can turn off your facebook chat. By turning chat off, no one will able to see you online and you will also not able to see your friends online.

Here is the step to turn off your Facebook chat:

Step 1: Log into your Facebook account.

Step 2: Click into gear icon at the right-hand side of your account.

Step 3: Then you will see the “Turn off Tabs” option, Click on that. Now, you are turning off your chat tabs.

You can hide your active status by the following steps:

Hide your active status:

Using these steps, you can hide your status for some people that your hate, or everyone except the one. Remember that, this will only block the person from the messaging you, that person can see your timeline post or other your information. so,

Here are the steps to hide your active status:

Step 1: Log into your Facebook account.

step 2: Click into gear account at the right-hand side of your account.

Step 3: After that, you will see the “Turn Off Active Status” option. Click on that option.

Step 4: Then, you will now see a popup dialog box. Check the option you want to enable:

Turn off active status for only some contacts:

Here, you have to type that person name, from them you want to hide your active status. Only these people can’t able to see your active status, other people will able to see your status.

Turn off active status for all contacts except:

You can turn off your active status for all people from this option. In this option, you can mention that person name that you want to chat with them and these people able to see your active status.

Turn off your active status for all contacts:

Click on this option if you don’t want anyone to see your active status on facebook when you are online and able to chat.

Step 5: Then Click on “OK”, after choosing the right option as you want.

In this way, you can hide your active status from your friends.

How to Manage Your Facebook Page Effectively.

Planning to promote your business on Facebook?  For this, you need to create your Business page on Facebook. You can refer this article for creating your business page on Facebook. After creating your Facebook page, you have to make sure, to manage your page effectively.

This article includes simple tips to maintain  your business page effectively:

#Understanding The Admin Panel:

After creating your Facebook page, Make sure you know all things about the facebook page. The first step is you need to understand your admin panel. In the admin panel, there are some roles, You don’t need to manage your Facebook page yourself.  You can assign that role to your friends or colleagues. The roles are:
-Content Creator
-Insights Analyst
Each role has a different amount of privilege. Assign these roles to the right person. Remember, to make someone an admin of your page, the person must have liked the page.

# Update Page Info:

After knowing all about your facebook page, you need to do some changes on your Facebook page as you want. If you are not still updating more information about your page, you need to update it. Update information about your business, so people who are visiting your page will get some idea about your business. You can update your Page Category, Name, Location, Description, and other things which are specific to your type of business.

# Configure Page Setting:

Your page’s settings allow you to control everything from visibility to admin roles and more. For configuring your page setting you can go to the page setting on the right-hand side of your page.

You need to change your setting as you want. The general setting let you configure the options of Page Visibility, Visitors Post, Messages, and many more options as shown in the figure.

# Focus On Your Content:

Now, After doing all the settings, you need to focus on your content. we know that content is a king, without good content we can’t get more traffic on any page. So while making any content, make sure your fan likes your content. Making good content you can increase your fan base and ultimately, it will grow your business.

# Schedule and Publish Post For Your Audience:

Schedule or publish your posts at the right time. Publish your post, when your fans are online. Decide the right time to post your content on your page. If it is not possible for you to publish your post at that time, you can schedule your post at that time. You can schedule your posts for the next day or you can schedule your future posts as well.

#Use Insights to Determine What’s Working for Your Page:

Facebook insight is a powerful tool of a Facebook to know your audience likes. Using Facebook insight you get a clear idea about what your audience wants, also what kind of c0ntent performs well. With the help of Facebook insight, you will stay on a track, no matter what is the new/old algorithm of Facebook.

Using Facebook insight you will be able to determine:

– What will be the best time to post your content on your business page.
– What kind of content is best for your page.
– It will give you:

1. The total number of likes on your page.

2. The total number of followers following your page.

3. How many people actively talking about your page.

4. Total reach on your individual posts.

5. The virality of your content.

 Using these tips you can manage your Business page.

How to Spot a Fake Friend Request

Did a beautiful girl send you a friend request on facebook? are you thinking, this is a real account or fake account?

Nowadays we heard lots of scams on Facebook. There are lots of peoples they are interested in your personal information, for this reason, some people created the fake account. You are thinking that Why Someone Create a Fake account and Sends a Fake Friend Request?
People created a fake account because they want something from you.

Here are some reasons, why someone sends you a friend request:

Scammers: For scamming purpose

This kind of People created the fake account only for getting your personal information which might be restricted to the “Only Friends”. This information may include your contact information or Mail Id or other that might be helpful for them to set some scams.

Your EX: For personal reason

If your relationship ends badly, and you block/unfriend your Ex from facebook. It might be possible that your Ex created the fake account to be again friend with you or any other personal reasons.

A Private Investigators:

Private investigators can use false profile friend requests to learn more information about you.

Why It is important to spot the fake account?

It is much important to find out the fake account because somebody with a fake account is as dangerous as a hacker. The purpose behind of this friendship is may be as harmless as a mind game, or there may be much more, such as your money, goods, property or setting you to steal your identity or valuable information from you that they can use to manipulate someone else.

How to spot a fake request?

Here are some things which tell you, the account is fake or real?

1. Name:

This is the first thing we should look at. Fake accounts often give the hind as the profile has :
-combinations of most popular names + surnames or
– The profile has the less popular name
If you don’t know the person or you don’t see any mutual friends on that persona’s account, think twice while accepting the friend request.
or If you are not sure, ask some questions like, What makes them want to be your friend? How did they find out about you? Who do you know in common?
If that account has some mutual friends, then contact your friends and ask about this profile.

2. Profile Picture:

The next step is to check the profile and the cover picture of that account. This also helps us to find out the account is fake or not.
Profile pictures typical for fake accounts:
– Photos of models/beautiful girls or boys.
– Photos in which people are wearing military uniforms.
– Photos of paintings, cartoon characters or pets.
– Photos in which people are wearing extremely luxurious clothes.

3. Read the profile carefully:

Check their profile carefully, because most of the fake accounts don’t have much more information on their profile or most of the information is hidden. Also, check what kind of content this profile shares.  You won’t see a lot of activity on a fake profile because they don’t have that much time to create real content. Also, you won’t see any check-ins and status. You may see some pictures of models on their profile.

4. Check out their friends:

Check their friend-list is public or private?  If the friend-list is public, then this may a real account. After that check the total number of friends. If this account has less friend then this profile will be a fake account.

5. Block the request:

If you don’t have a good feeling about this account, then don’t accept the friend request or else you can report to the facebook, or you can block that person. For this
– Go to your facebook account
– Click on their Facebook name, and go to their Timeline.
– On the right, under the Cover Photo, click on the Message settings
– You can block them from contacting you.

Whenever you received any random friend request, go through the above steps and, find out the Facebook profile is real or fake? Be safe from your side.

How To Find Out Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

Ever think that who visited your Facebook profile? You also have the same question in your mind. Also, we are always curious about who visited our profile. All we wanted to know how many people and who visited the profile,  here are some tricks that tell you who visited your profile.

With the help of these methods, you can find out who visited your facebook profile very often.


By using google chrome extension you can find out who viewed your facebook profile, for this you just need to follow the following simple steps

i. Visit the social profile extension page. This is a chrome extension.

ii. Then click on “Add To Chrome” for adding this extension.

iii. And wait for the download to get finished.

iv. After that, you will get one pop-up about add extension or not,  Click on Add Extension.

v. Then go to your Facebook and log in with the account.

vi. Once you are on facebook, just look at the timeline bar, you will see there is one more option named “Visitors” have been added



We know that so many people visit our profile and we are always curious to find out who is checking our profile, here are some steps to find out who visited facebook profile.

i. Go to your facebook account

ii. Wait for the page to load completely.

iii. Then right click on anywhere on the page and select ” View Page Source”.

iv. A new tab automatically open, this page has information about your page.

v. Press CTRL + F to open the search box, and then copy paste this into it “InitialChatFriendsList”.

vi. Now you will get the ID of people who visited your profile.

vii. Then just go to facebook.com and paste the ID number from that page along with a “\”.
For example, if the ID is 1007, you have to put it like- facebook.com/1007.

viii. The first Id shows who visited your profile more often.

Using these two methods you can easily find out ” who visits your facebook profile”.