How to Manage Your Facebook Page Effectively.

Planning to promote your business on Facebook?  For this, you need to create your Business page on Facebook. You can refer this article for creating your business page on Facebook. After creating your Facebook page, you have to make sure, to manage your page effectively.

This article includes simple tips to maintain  your business page effectively:

#Understanding The Admin Panel:

After creating your Facebook page, Make sure you know all things about the facebook page. The first step is you need to understand your admin panel. In the admin panel, there are some roles, You don’t need to manage your Facebook page yourself.  You can assign that role to your friends or colleagues. The roles are:
-Content Creator
-Insights Analyst
Each role has a different amount of privilege. Assign these roles to the right person. Remember, to make someone an admin of your page, the person must have liked the page.

# Update Page Info:

After knowing all about your facebook page, you need to do some changes on your Facebook page as you want. If you are not still updating more information about your page, you need to update it. Update information about your business, so people who are visiting your page will get some idea about your business. You can update your Page Category, Name, Location, Description, and other things which are specific to your type of business.

# Configure Page Setting:

Your page’s settings allow you to control everything from visibility to admin roles and more. For configuring your page setting you can go to the page setting on the right-hand side of your page.

You need to change your setting as you want. The general setting let you configure the options of Page Visibility, Visitors Post, Messages, and many more options as shown in the figure.

# Focus On Your Content:

Now, After doing all the settings, you need to focus on your content. we know that content is a king, without good content we can’t get more traffic on any page. So while making any content, make sure your fan likes your content. Making good content you can increase your fan base and ultimately, it will grow your business.

# Schedule and Publish Post For Your Audience:

Schedule or publish your posts at the right time. Publish your post, when your fans are online. Decide the right time to post your content on your page. If it is not possible for you to publish your post at that time, you can schedule your post at that time. You can schedule your posts for the next day or you can schedule your future posts as well.

#Use Insights to Determine What’s Working for Your Page:

Facebook insight is a powerful tool of a Facebook to know your audience likes. Using Facebook insight you get a clear idea about what your audience wants, also what kind of c0ntent performs well. With the help of Facebook insight, you will stay on a track, no matter what is the new/old algorithm of Facebook.

Using Facebook insight you will be able to determine:

– What will be the best time to post your content on your business page.
– What kind of content is best for your page.
– It will give you:

1. The total number of likes on your page.

2. The total number of followers following your page.

3. How many people actively talking about your page.

4. Total reach on your individual posts.

5. The virality of your content.

 Using these tips you can manage your Business page.

How To Make Your Facebook Page Discoverable.

Creating a Facebook page will give you an opportunity to interact with your customer. Once you created your Facebook page, it’s added automatically to the Facebook search results. Now it is on your hand to make your facebook page more searchable.
Here are some points which will help you to make your page more searchable.

#1. Facebook Page Information:

The information you mention on your page will help people to find your page on facebook.

# Decide Page Category:

Decide the best category for your page. you can also change your category from basic information admin panel. Also, add the best description about your page so that people will easily find out your page.

#Address, Phone Number and website:

Add address, Phone number and your website details on your page, so that people will know more briefly about your page.

#Add Profile and Cover:

What things do people notice whenever they see any page? it’s your profile and cover picture, so it is so important to add cover and profile to your page, It is the first impression to impress the people who are visiting your page. Also, people engage with you when they see your unique profile and cover.

#Fill the about section:

Fill all your page information on your Facebook Page, It will help to find your page on the search results.

#2. Promote Your Page:

The next step is you have to build an audience for your page. For building the audience, you have to promote your page on all social networking sites. So that all your friends, family, colleagues and other people will know about your page. Also, you can add like button to your page, the result of this whenever people visit your page, possibilities that they will like your page. Added, You can send notifications to your friends to like your page. Also, you can send invitations to your emails contact lists.

#3. Drive Traffic on your page:

If you want to engage more and more people with your business, then you need to focus on your content. While creating any content make sure it will interesting, informative and inspiring. You can only drive more traffic on your page if your content likes your audience. Make your content so attractive and catchy, so that your audience will understand easily, what you want to tell them. The higher the quality of your content, the more the traffic on your page.

#4. Understand What Works:

Understand what kind of post get more likes and shares, for this use Page Insight. Also, know your audience as well, what kind of content they like? According to their like, make that kind of content.

Using these points, you can definitely make your Facebook page more discoverable.

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page

Creating a facebook page is not a difficult task, in fact, it is interesting. we always spend lots of our time on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more…there are lots of ways that we can make money from Facebook, so creating a Facebook business page helps you to make money from social media.

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page

To set up a facebook page you will need to login to your Facebook profile.

Step 1: Create Page:

You can create a facebook page in different ways like:
A. You can create a facebook page using this link

B. Click on the page header on the left side. then click on “Create Page”.

2. Page Type:

You will be next taken to a different window where you can choose a category that best fits your business.
A. Business and Brand
B. Community or Public Figure

3. Category:

Selecting a proper category will allow your brand to reach your audience.

a. Business or Brand

The Category is related to the “Bussiness”, “Brands” or “Entertainment”. Once you click the “Business and Brands”  You will be able to choose the categories like

  • Attractions/Things To Do
  • Bar
  • Book Store
  • Concert Venue
  • Food / Grocery
  • Hotel
  • Local Business
  • Restaurant / Café
  • School
  • Shopping / Retail
  • App
  • Appliance
  • Baby Goods/Kids Goods
  • Cars
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Food/Beverages
  • Furniture
  • Games/Toys
  • Health/Beauty
  • Jewellery/Watches
  • Kitchen/Cooking
  • Pet Supplies
  • Vitamins/Minerals and many more.
  • Spas/Beauty/Personal Care and many more.


After that, you will be asking for some personal information like

1. Your page name.
2. Correct Street Adress, City, State, Zip Code and Phone Number.

b.Community or Public Figure:

If your page will be promoting something or You are an artist or If you are promoting any organisation which is Charity based organisation then this page is right page type for you.
Following are the categories belongs to this page type:

  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Cause
  • Health/Medical/Pharmaceuticals
  • Actor/Director
  • Artist
  • Athlete
  • Author
  • Chef
  • Coach
  • Doctor
  • Entertainer
  • Journalist and many more…..

4. Get Started:

After selecting the category, you have to click on “Continue” to move forward.

5. Profile  Picture:

Next, you will be asked to upload a picture. While selecting the Profile picture make sure this picture representing your business.

once you uploaded your profile picture the initial setup is done.

6. Invite Friends:

Then the next step is to invite your all friends as you can increase your page following.

7. Share Something:

Now, you are ready to share posts on your page, share something that creates a value…

8. Add Cover:

After sharing a post add a cover to your page. Your cover photo should be 828 pixels by 315 pixels.

Now you have created your Facebook business page, your Facebook business ready to start bringing more business. Make sure that you manage it and constantly engage your audience.