How to Promote Your Facebook Page for Free

Facebook is an effective way of getting the word out about your business. If you are planning to do business on Facebook and you spend lots of your time on preparing facebook page but don’t know how too get traffic on that page. There are paid promotion or you can boost your posts as well.

To get page likes, and to increase the organic reach of your Facebook posts. Here are some ways to promote your Facebook page for free.

# Like your own Page:

Be sure that, you like your page. Most of the people forget to like their own page. Liking your own page in an easier way to promote your facebook page. The result of liking your page is your friends will know you like this page and the possibilities that, they will also visit your page.

# Share a Link to the Page on Your Timeline:

Upload the link of your facebook page on your own timeline. The result of this, your Facebook friends may visit your facebook page. while sharing the link on your timeline you can add a brief message about your page, this will grab your friends attention.

# Share with your Family:

You can tell your family members to like your Facebook page so their friends also notice what they liked. This is also a simple way to promote your business.

# Use Your Business to Promote the Page:

If the Facebook page is for your business, send an email to your employees encouraging them to like your business page and share it with friends and family.

# Invite your friends :

Now, the people need to know about your page, so tell your friends about your page. Invite all your friends to like your page,

To invite friends to like your Page:

1. Go to your Page and click Community in the left column.
2. In the right column, click Invite your friends to like [your Page’s name]
3. Enter a friend’s name in the search box and then click Invite next to their name.

# Provide Interesting and Helpful Content:

Why any post get viral? because of its content. If you want to promote your page then the simplest way is crafting your content in that way, people like to share your content and follow your page. So while creating any content make sure it will be interesting, informative and inspiring. The higher the quality of your content, the more likely it is to get shared. when your followers/audience share your content, your business page is promoted freely.

#Engaged with Audience:

Engaging with your audience will increase your page likes and followers. If your audience comment on your any post, thank them and follow up with a question related to the comment.

Promoting your Facebook page is not just promoting your business, It is about the building quality of the page. This is the simple steps, which helps you to grow your business.

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