How To Make Money From Facebook.

Facebook is a very wide and popular platform. The network of Facebook spreads all over the world. Most of the people use Facebook for entertainment, but now we can make money from Facebook also we can start our small business on Facebook. There are lots of ways that you can earn money from Facebook.

# Earn money form Facebook page:

You can earn money from facebook.  It is not that much easy to make money, you have to know the basic knowledge about the field. Once you get the idea about this, you just have to make good content for your fans and able to engage them with your page.
For Facebook page, you have to  follow this steps:

1. Create a Fan Page, if you don’t have:

Create a fan page about whatever you are interested, like entertainment, funny etc.

2. Create good content:

Make your content in that way people will like it and they will share your content. Your content should be interesting, attractive, inspiring and catchy.  After making your content, share this content on your page. check your audience likes. what kind of content they like to read/watch. Once you know your audience likes, work on that and post more that kind of content. The result of this, you will get more fan following.

3. Create a website related to your fan page:

Create a website related to your fan page, and drive traffic on it.

# Facebook as a traffic source:

After making a website related to your page,  share your website articles on your page. If your content is good and if people likes your content, they will definitely visit your website and you can make money by showing them Google ads.  You can monetize your website with Google AdSense. As like this you can drive traffic on your Fan Page.

# Sell your own product on Facebook:

You have another option i.e you can sell your own product on Facebook, the products can be anything like handmade crafts, books, different kind gifts, customize T-shirts etc.  You just have to take photos of your product and post on your Facebook account, if your fan likes your product, they will contact you and buy your product.

# Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is an old form of marketing, where you can refer someone to buy any online products and if that person buys that product based on your recommendation, you will get commision. For this, You can join an affiliate program of any good affiliate network, which you think you can sell that product. then get an affiliate link for that product. Share that link on your page. Doing this kind of marketing you will get more conversions.

# Blogging:

Blogging is one of the best ways of making money online. You can write the blogs for your website. After writing the blogs you can post your blog links on Facebook and through blogs, you can drive traffic on your website.

In this ways, you can make money from Facebook.


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