How To Make Your Facebook Page Discoverable.

Creating a Facebook page will give you an opportunity to interact with your customer. Once you created your Facebook page, it’s added automatically to the Facebook search results. Now it is on your hand to make your facebook page more searchable.
Here are some points which will help you to make your page more searchable.

#1. Facebook Page Information:

The information you mention on your page will help people to find your page on facebook.

# Decide Page Category:

Decide the best category for your page. you can also change your category from basic information admin panel. Also, add the best description about your page so that people will easily find out your page.

#Address, Phone Number and website:

Add address, Phone number and your website details on your page, so that people will know more briefly about your page.

#Add Profile and Cover:

What things do people notice whenever they see any page? it’s your profile and cover picture, so it is so important to add cover and profile to your page, It is the first impression to impress the people who are visiting your page. Also, people engage with you when they see your unique profile and cover.

#Fill the about section:

Fill all your page information on your Facebook Page, It will help to find your page on the search results.

#2. Promote Your Page:

The next step is you have to build an audience for your page. For building the audience, you have to promote your page on all social networking sites. So that all your friends, family, colleagues and other people will know about your page. Also, you can add like button to your page, the result of this whenever people visit your page, possibilities that they will like your page. Added, You can send notifications to your friends to like your page. Also, you can send invitations to your emails contact lists.

#3. Drive Traffic on your page:

If you want to engage more and more people with your business, then you need to focus on your content. While creating any content make sure it will interesting, informative and inspiring. You can only drive more traffic on your page if your content likes your audience. Make your content so attractive and catchy, so that your audience will understand easily, what you want to tell them. The higher the quality of your content, the more the traffic on your page.

#4. Understand What Works:

Understand what kind of post get more likes and shares, for this use Page Insight. Also, know your audience as well, what kind of content they like? According to their like, make that kind of content.

Using these points, you can definitely make your Facebook page more discoverable.


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