How to identify Fake Facebook accounts?

Have you received any friend request from an unknown hot guy or girl? These days we received lots of fake friend request especially from the hot girls, don’t you think that, that profiles will be the fake profiles? Let’s check these profiles are fake or real.

You just need to follow some steps.

How to identify the fake facebook accounts?

No one is perfect, no matter how skilled he/she is. They make some mistakes for sure. So here are some things that we observed about the fake accounts

If you received any friend request from an unknown person, then check the

1) Profile picture:

Most of the profile picture, especially that of girls, only one profile photo or all are models photos.

2) When did they join?

Check when she/he joined the facebook. If they have lots of a friend in a short time period then this account will be a fake account.

3) Full filled profile:

Check that person’s full profile. If the profile is lengthy and detailed then this will be a real account, mostly the fake profiles are not lengthy and interesting, they don’t have that much time to make a good profile.

4) Descriptions:

Most of the fake profile account doesn’t have so much description.

5) Friends:

Fake accounts don’t have that many friends. Check their friend list also check the mutual friends.

6) Activity:

Check their profile activities. Typically they don’t have any posts on their profiles.

In another way, you can use:

The Google Image Search to check for FAKE PROFILE PICS:

This is a random facebook account.

Here we are going to check the account is fake or real.
so our first step is :

Go to the and click on the camera image.

Click on the camera, after that you will get this image.

The next step is,

-Go to the profile, right click on an image and click on copy image URL and copy the image URL.

-After copying the URL, go to Tab and paste image URL.

When you enter the URL you will get related search images.

Once the search results are displayed, scroll down to see if the exact same photos have been found on other sites, blogs, or other profiles. Then you can better conclude this profile is fake or real.

Be aware of the fake accounts, especially when you will going to add a beautiful or smart unknown person as your friend. Enjoys this tricks and find out which profiles are fake.



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