How to recover your Facebook account without an Email or Mobile number?

If you ever lost your Facebook account or forgot the email and phone number for it, don’t worry! We’re going to walk you through all of the steps so you can get back in.

This guide will help you if:

  •  Your Facebook account password has been changed
  • The email address associated with your account has changed
  •  You have a new phone number but cannot remember your old one or
  • You have no idea what happened to your Facebook account.

Many blogs and videos on the internet claim to work without email or phone numbers, but none of them worked when we tried them.

For Easier reference, you can check our video to get a clear step to step process:

In this blog, we will use the method of trusted contacts to recover your Facebook account without the need for your email address or password.

For this method to work you should have Facebook trusted contacts settings turned on, we will be discussing the steps for the same later in the blog.

How to recover your Facebook account without email or mobile number?

The process to recover a Facebook account without an email or phone number is not very complicated. All you need to do is follow these steps and you will have your account back in no time.

First, visit the login page of Facebook.

Now click on the Forgot Password button.

The site will ask us to enter an email or mobile number to reset the Facebook account. But, we don’t know the mobile number or email ID, so we’ll get the username of our Facebook profile using a friend’s Facebook account.

Open your Friends or Family member’s Facebook account and visit your Profile page. From the top of the browser, you can copy the URL of your Facebook profile.

Now paste the URL in the input box, remove the address part of the link, and the remaining text will be your Facebook ID.

When you click on the Search button, Facebook will ask to send a code to the registered email address or mobile number. If you have figured out the email or mobile number, you can send the code to reset your account or click on the link below that says, No longer have access to these? 

The next step is to enter a new email ID. Enter it, and then click on the Continue button.

Facebook now asks for full names of the contacts you have added to your profile as Trusted Contacts.

To continue, enter the name of any one of your Trusted contact and click on the Confirm button.

You can now copy the link on the page, send it to any three of your contacts, and ask them for the four-digit code that Facebook provides them.

They will see a dialogue box on their screen, and they will need to click on the Continue button and pick one of the first two options. When they click on continue, they will receive a random 4-digit code.

Enter all the three codes in the input boxes and click on the Continue button.

To recover your account, Facebook will ask you to enter a new password. Once you have entered the same, click on the continue button.

Next, open your email and click on the mail you may have received from Facebook. Here you will see a link that will enable you to recover your Facebook account.

As you can check, we have successfully confirmed our identity on the platform. The site will not allow us to log in for 24 hours for security reasons, after that time ends, we can log in with our new email and password and access our account.

How to add Trusted Contact on Facebook?

How to add trusted contacts on Facebook

Here’s how you can add trusted contacts so that you can access your account using this method whenever you need to retrieve it.

 From your Facebook profile page, click on the downward arrow on the top right-hand side of your page. Now click on the Settings and privacy option and then click on the Settings option.

On the right-hand side section, click on Security and login option. Scroll down until you see the Setting up extra security section on your screen.

Now, click on the Edit option and then click on Choose Friends button. The dialogue box will display details about Trusted contacts.

Click on Choose Trusted contacts and choose the name of any 3 to 5 friends whom you trust and press the Confirm button. Then, this will add an extra layer of security to your profile and aid you in recovering your account.

Do let us know in the comments below if you face any issues while using this method.

Until next time,

Chao 🙂


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