How to change your Facebook password on the computer and mobile app

Facebook how to change password

Did you forgot your password? or its been a while since your last Facebook password was set. You can always change your Facebook password from its website or mobile apps.

Changing passwords regularly at a set Interval helps keep your account secure and safe. If by any chance you think that someone out there may have got your password exposed. The reason can be a malicious activity on your profile, which will require you to change your password. Again, you can suspect that your password has leaked or hacked. Whatever the reason changing your Facebook password is the only remedy here.

Lets show you how, you can change your Facebook password.

How to change Facebook password on Website

To change password on Facebook website, first step to do is to login to your Facebook account here.

Once logged in click on the downward arrow i.e a carrot sign on the top right-hand side of your browser and click on the Settings and Privacy option.

Click on the Settings option to change your Facebook password

Next step is to click on the Settings option.

Once you click on the Settings option select the Security and Login option from the left-hand side panel of your browser. Now, click on the Edit option as shown in the picture below in the Login section. Or you can directly click on the shortcut here to visit the page.

Now to change the password you will have to first, enter the current password, and then you can enter the new password. Do keep the password strong so that it’s difficult for others to guess it. Or let our Password generator help you out in creating a strong password of your choice.

Once you have entered the new password, click on the Save changes button. Congratulations! Your password is changed now.

How to reset your password on Facebook

You may have forgotten or lost your Facebook password. To reset your password you have to click on the Forget password link below the login box. Or you can get an option to directly login with your Google account.

After you click on the Forget Password option. You will be shown a section to reset your password. Choose the appropriate option of your choice and select Continue. This will then help you reset your password.

If you are among those who want to keep your passwords strong but have trouble remembering them. Try out password managers such as Dashlane or Lastpass. They are more secure and helps you manage all of your passwords.

How to change your Facebook password on Android and IOS

Changing your password on Facebook via a mobile app is really easy. Follow these easy steps shown below to do the same.

The first step is to log in to your account on the Facebook app. Now click on the menu option available on the top right-hand side of your app. Now scroll down and tap on the Settings option. Then Tap on the Security and Login option in the Security section.

Now you would be taken in Security and login section where you have to click on Change password section. Enter the new password of your choice and click on Update password. Now, your password is changed.

We would recommend you to use strong password while updating the same not only on Facebook but on all the accounts you maintain on the internet. If generating a new strong password is not easy for you, you can try out our random password generator.

At the end its the security of our accounts and privacy is what matters the most.. If you like this blog don’t forget to share and turn on the notification option, so that you dont miss out on our new blogs.

Untill next time, Chao 🙂


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