How do you hide friends on Facebook?

Facebook is a really popular social media platform, It’s very common for you to get irritated from the people stalking your friend list and you may want to hide your friend list from the other people in your friend list or from the other public Facebook profiles. Fortunately, Facebook provides full control of your privacy to hide your Friend list from other people.

Although you would need to follow the below steps to get your friend list hidden from other profiles, It’s easy and quick enough. We are providing the steps with images to help you out!

Hide Your Friend List On Facebook

  1. log on to your Facebook account
  2. Click on the Account tab at the top right-hand side of the page
  3. Within the section “How people can find and contact you”, Go to – Who can see your friends list?
  4. Now you can select “Only Me” to keep your friend list to yourself only.
How do you hide friends on Facebook?
How do you hide friends on Facebook?

Creating a Friend List

You can also create a separate friend list for a group of your friends and then limit your post to a particular friend list. For example a list of all the school friends and a list of acquaintances etc.


  1. On your Facebook home page, scroll down the left sidebar to the Friends section.
  2. Hover the word Friends and click the More button.
  3. Click the Create List button.
  4. Name your new list and add members.

You can now hide a particular post from a list of friends or just show a post to a list of friends. Happy Privacy!




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