Facebook Hacks to Improve Small Business Reach.

Struggling to improve your Facebook page reach? Don’t think so much. Here are some hacks which definitely help you to increase your business reach. Just follow this simple steps:

# Get Your Correct Name, Address, and Phone on the Page :

Getting your correct Name, Address and phone is the most important thing. If you have your small business, the first thing you have to do is submit your NAP as like this you have to do the same thing for the Facebook page.

# Use Long-tail Keywords in your description :

Now you are thinking, what is long-tail Keywords? The long-tail keyword has at least three, or sometimes as many as five words in the phrase. The long-tail keywords are used when users are searching for something specific. These keywords are highly specific and drive more quality traffic.
Here you need to add long-tail keywords on your description as well as in your Facebook posts, to get your page visible by your audience.
Get focus on what your audience search for. This will increase your conversion rates and engagement, which will boost your Facebook page.

# Link Your Facebook Page From Your Other Channels :

Now you have to promote your business page, Link your Facebook page to your all channels, it will increase your page fan following. You can link your Facebook page to your website, Twitter account, Youtube channel and even in your bio.  Here are some steps which will help you to promote your Facebook Page free.

# Add Reviews On Your Page :

We know that review boosts the trust, credibility, and sales. Most of the people trust customer reviews while purchasing anything.  Reviews increase your page chances to appear in search results on Google and Facebook.

# Add Visual Content :

If you want to promote your page, make your content in that way people like to share your content and follow your page. We know that Content is a King. While posting any content on your page, you have to make sure that what kind of content your audience like. Make your content interesting, informative and inspiring. The higher the quality of your content, the more likely it is to get shared.

While posting any image-post on your page, make sure it will be attractive and informative, so that your fans will get the idea what message you want to share. Try to grab your audience attraction. when your followers/audience share your content, your business page is promoted freely.

# Publish More Posts :

Once you know your audience likes, Post more and more posts. So that, your posts will get so many likes and shares. The result of this you will increase your Fan following.  Use image in every post, because posts with images have double engagement than those without, so it is the much easiest way to increase the share-ability of your posts.

# Go Live :

Engaging with your audience it will increase the fan base.  If your audience comment on your any post, thank them.  With the help of Facebook live, go online and interact with your audience. You can post an update on your page the week before or a day before when you will be going live.

# Decide Your Post Timing Right :

Posting your posts on specific time will help to increase your traffic on your page. So it is important to know when your audience is online on  Facebook. According to your audience time, post your posts. You can schedule your post a day before.
To see when your fans are online, check out the posts report within Facebook Insights.

How to see insights:

-Go to your Facebook page
-Click insights
-Then click on posts

Then observe which time is best for posting, and post your posts at that time.

# Promote Your Page :

Promote your Facebook page all your social networking sites, Add follow button to your website, Create Facebook Ads, You can promote your page with your Friends, Family, colleges etc. Use all these things to promote your page.

In this way, you can increase your Small Business Reach.


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