How do I use the advanced search on Facebook tool?

How to do advanced search on facebook

Have you ever faced any difficulty in searching for some old friend of your high school, or finding a special person you met years ago in a city and lost touch with them somehow? Advanced search on Facebook can help you find them.

Facebook has become commonplace for everyone, almost everyone around you may have a Facebook account. That means if more and more users around the globe are joining the social networking site, it’s harder for one to search for a specific user on the platform.

Facebook’s basic search worked well in the initial days, as the number of users was less. In case you are trying to find a user with a common name using the search functionality Facebook offers, it will be a hard task to perform. That’s where an advanced search on Facebook comes into play.

Facebook advanced search helps you find a particular person who is not on your friend list, a particular post you want to check for which you saw weeks ago, or photos you liked before.

Let’s take you through the details of how you can use the advanced search on Facebook. Before we go into each detail, try using the Facebook advanced search feature along with us to make the most out of this blog.

First, login into your Facebook account and click on the input box next to the Facebook logo on the top left corner of your computer which reads as Search Facebook. If you are on a smartphone, open the Facebook app and tap on the search icon.

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Advanced search on Facebook for Posts

Facebook advanced search gives us an option to search for a post we remember only the keyword and not the exact owner, or you may just want to find a post on a particular topic with specific criteria. Let’s do this together on the site.

Advanced search on Facebook for posts
  • Enter a keyword you want to search for in the search bar, then you will find some results with the keyword.
  • Migrate and select the tab named Posts next to the All tab option.
  • Now, you can see results based only on posts with the keyword you have entered. Click on the filters option (on the top right-hand side of the Facebook app on a smartphone).
  • You will see 4 different filters, select the one or more options you want to match your search results with.
    • The first filter for posts is the Posts You’ve Seen option, by selecting this you will only see those posts that were shown to you containing the keyword you have asked for.
    • The second option is Date Posted, which you can choose if you remember which year the post was uploaded on.
    • The next filter is the Posts From option, in case you remember that the post was from particular criteria such as you, your friends, your groups or pages, or a public post, you can select the same here. If you know the name of the source directly enter it in the search bar provided there.
    • The last option on the list will be Tagged Location, In case the post has a tag of a city type the place name in the search bar there. It will filter and show you the place containing the keyword.
  • You can either use all these filters individually or all together, to find the exact post we are looking for. Once you have selected the filters click on the Show Results option. If you want to change any filter follow the same steps again mentioned above.

Advanced search in Facebook for People

Similar to posts, advanced search for Facebook offers us to find a particular user on the platform. You can either type the name of the person or if you don’t know the name or you want to find one in a particular city, or with particular education, work or is a friend of friends. You can filter out the search results collectively or individually. Follow these steps below to search for a user with a particular keyword

Facebook advanced search for people
  • The first, step is to enter the name or keyword for the search results to start with.
  • Click on the Filter option, then the People tab next to the Posts tab.
  • Now, you will find some filters to help you in your search results.
    • The first filter named City will help you to select a city the particular user has been to or lives there.
    • The next option is the Education filter, as the name suggests it helps you to find users with particular educational interests.
    • Work filter helps you if the user is from a particular company.
    • The last filter to help us find the particular user we are finding for is Friends of Friends. This helps to find if the user is a friend of your friend but not on your friend list.
  • You can use these filters by selecting the Show Results option.

Similar to the above two options for posts and people, advanced search on Facebook can be done using more filters such as groups, events, photos, videos, pages, marketplace, and places. Each having its own filters to play with.

All filters from Advanced search tool for Facebook.

You can use this to find new people to communicate with or posts you want to write about on your next report. Advanced search on Facebook can help you find details you may be looking for a survey etc.

Do share this blog with your friends and family to help them search better, comment below how and what did you use this advanced search on Facebook for.

Until next time, Chao 🙂


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