3 Most Important Facebook Skills.

Nowadays most of the people are interested in Facebook marketing. Most of the people have their business page on Facebook, But Facebook Marketing is not about posting content daily on your facebook page. It is about giving all your skills, working on your ideas, creating content, understanding your audience.
So here are some important skills that you have to know:

#1. Knowing Your Audience:

We know that Facebook is a platform, which has the ability to bring people together. Facebook is the worldwide social media network, so doing business on Facebook is a good idea. Once you decide to do business on your facebook. You have to create your facebook page. After creating the Facebook page you have to build your fanbase. If you want to increase your face-base, you need to know your existing audience. Knowing your audience is the first step to get success on Facebook Marketing. You have to know who your target audiences are, what they’re looking for, and how your service or product helps them, then according to this, you can make your content.
You can choose your audience based on gender, age, geographic location, interests, behaviors, or employers.
Once you know your audience then you can make your content according to their likes. you can target your audience according to the Facebook ads.

#2. Observe your Facebook Insight:

Facebook insight is a powerful tool to know your audience likes. Facebook insight can be seen for the page admin and using the insight you can track the active users to better understand the page performance.

Using the Facebook Insight, You will able to determine

– What time is “best of the day” to post your content on Facebook?
– What type of content is best for your page.
– Which kind of content performs well on your page.
– Your audience likes.
Using Facebook insight, you will get an idea about the total number of likes on your page, the total number of followers, the total number of likes on your individual content, how many people are actively talking about your page as well as your total weekly reach and much more. Also, you will get the idea about :
Virality of post: Using Facebook insight you will get an idea about which post is performing well on your page. Also, you will be able to find out how many users engaged with that particular post. Knowing the virality of the post gives you the knowledge to create more content that your fans like, it will increase your page reach and the result of this it will increase your page traffic.
Reach: You can determine the total reach on your page using the Facebook insight. You will get an idea about, How much content is actually reaching your fan? who likes your page? how many people active on your page? who shares your content? You can see your page views. Here are some ways to increase your Facebook reach. Facebook insight gives you an useful information about your Facebook page.

#3. Facebook Ads:

-Facebook Ads are the cheapest way to advertise on Facebook. Facebook ads help you a lot of ways.
-Facebook Ads give you a clear idea about your business.
-Using Facebook ads you can drive great traffic on your business page.
There is two type of benefits using the Facebook Ads i.e Targeting and Clear reporting.
With the help of Facebook Ads, you can target the people based on: Language(The language they speak), Age, Location(Based on country, city, state), Interest, Custome audience(The mail Adress that your provided), device(The device they access Facebook from, including mobile, tablet, and desktop).
Also, it will give a clear report about the reach of your advertising post, Cost per action, total spend on each ad, CTR. The result of this you can increase your clickthrough and overall Facebook ad effectiveness.

With the help of these 3 skills, you will definitely get success in your business.

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