10 Ways To Grow Your Business With Facebook

We know that Facebook is the most famous platform nowadays, Most of the people spending lots of time on Facebook. Facebook is the continuously growing social network. We are not only connected with the family and friends through the facebook but also we can make money from Facebook. Facebook helps the lots of businesses around the world to achieve their goals.

Here are some ways that you can grow your business :

Even spending no money on Facebook ads you can take advantages of Facebook’s features.

1. You can use your personal profile for the business:

You can use your personal Facebook profile for the marketing purpose.

2. Start a conversation:

After making your facebook page, You have to start a conversation with your audience. You have to focus on, What your audience wants from you? which things engage them? what are their likes? Start a conversation with your audience and find out. Keeping in touch with your audience ultimately grows your business.

3. Motivate your audience:

Want people to follow your page or buy your product? Give them s good reason to follow your page. The happy customer is your ultimate business asset. So motivate your audience to share your content more and more.

4. Create a Creative Content:

Content creation is one of the most effective ways to increase your fans. Create content most attractive and catchy, so that you can grab your audience attention.

5. Pin your best content to the top:

If you post any content and your audience likes so much or You post something really important on your page, You can pin that post on the top of your page. The pinned post stays top of the page until you unpin it or you decide to pin something new to the top so that new visitors to your page will see the best update first.

How to pin the post?

i. Go to Your Facebook Page.
ii.  Go to the post that you posted on your page and you want to pin it.
iii.  Then click on the Three dots on the right-hand side of your post.
iv. Click on “Pin to the Top”

6. Invite your friends to like your page:

If your Facebook page just getting started and you want to increase your followers,  it is a good idea to start with the people you already friends with on Facebook. you can easily send them an invite to like your page.

7. Schedule your updates in advance:

If you always forget to post content on time. there are so many tools to help you to update your social media updates in advance. If your content is ready, it just needs a few minutes to schedule your posts. For scheduling, you just need to give a few minutes daily after that you can feel relax and focus on how to grow your business.

8. Use Facebook insights for more information:

On the top of your Facebook page, there is a tab “Insight”. That tab gives lots of interesting information about your page. there you will find which kind of content is more liked? which kind of content you should focus? many more things you will get through the insights.

9. Boost posts to increase engagement from your fans:

You can increase the reach of your posts by using the “Boost Post” button for a smaller cost. This feature is at its best when you use it to promote the posts to your own Facebook page fans, rather than using it to promote your posts to new people.

10. Save links for later:

This is the brilliant feature of a Facebook, it saves lots of time. it is useful for the storing links to share with your fans later. If you like any article or any post and you want to share later, you can save that link. Just click on the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the post you’d like to save.
It will be filed in the ‘saved’ section on the left-hand side of Facebook for you to check out when you have more time!

These are some ways that will definalty helps you to grow your business.

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